White Hands Meditation

White Hands Meditation is a profound chakra cleansing and energizing meditation. Practicing this meditation makes you feel a genuine sense of relief as you feel the soothing effects of cleansing all of that negative energy away and replacing it with positive life giving energy.

As you may know, throughout our daily lives we all have negative experiences and cross paths with people who seem to generate negative energy. The sometimes harmful energy from these experiences can collect in our seven chakras and in our aura, leaving us feeling weighed down and drained, tired and stressed.

White Hands Meditation, Chakra Cleansing, Energizing MeditationThis meditation gives you a gentle and effective cleansing and healing experience. After safely taking you into a place of deep relaxation where all of your most powerful healing takes place, you will be gently guided through the process of releasing all of that stale and negative energy that is weighing down your energetic body.

How Can White Hands Meditation help me?

This meditation can initiate a new and wonderfully healthy way of living and its positive effects will impact on every area of your life, including:
- Your general health and well-being
- Your career
- Your sporting interests
- Your family relationships
- and it will have an extremely positive impact on your self-perception and self-confidence

Once you cleanse yourself of all of that heavy negativity, you will open yourself to new and wonderful experiences.

What Steps Are Included in White Hands Meditation?

During this meditation you'll be guide to:

  • Experience a very deep level of relaxation. And the interesting thing is that when you begin to relax deeply, your body starts to release any negativity, automatically.
  • Cleanse all of your chakras
  • Cleanse your Aura
  • Energize all of your chakras
As a result:
- Your aura will be left filled with light and positivity
- You will experience a genuine feeling of happiness

The whole process is pleasant, gentle and effective and you will feel completely rejuvenated, lighter, happier, and more than ready to take on new challenges that each day brings.

What People Say About White Hands Meditation

Emad Yazdan:
It has just started magically. Finding Lily and her White hand meditation, I was very new to all meditation concepts so you can imagine for the first times when I did the meditation I was laughing at myself and I was thinking about different things even I could not understand part of meditation. I thought I am going to do this for 40 days and I will say good bay to it. Then, that was for the third or fourth time that surprisingly I felt tingling for a short fraction of time on my hand. I thought I am making it. So, I did not care. Then next time the tingling feeling came back and it stayed for longer time and next time longer. Then that was the 10th time I was doing this meditation, I felt tingling in my crown chakra. I thought for sure my head was just itching. It cannot be! Anyway, then I had similar feeling on my through. Then I felt tingling in my solar plexus and then on my third eye and then I was changing. I had very strange feeling on my naval and my base chakras. I had some pain over these chakras but after mediation I was feeling peace in my body. I felt that I can sense energy more clearly. Then after over 30 times doing this meditation I cannot imagine not having this meditation. I do this meditation twice a week and sometime I know that I need it even more than this. I do not want to change your experiences with this mediation, so I do not go to the details about what exactly happened to me however I would like to admit this meditation evolved me. It really helps you to change your vibration. Maybe get better contact with your guide.
After this meditation you are going to be really clean. See yourself as full of light Let's send our unconditional love to everyone and to Lily and thank her and her guide for this gift.

Bree H:
Thanks for the meditation Lily! I am left feeling a lot more cheerful! Have done it around 5 times now, its fabulous! :D its better than fabulous! I keep falling asleep, so make sure i leave enough time to do it twice - it feels like a very deep trance, Feels like a lot of energetic cleansing going on... 40 days till clean chakras

Last time I did the White Hand Meditation, it was the 10th.
Every time I do this meditation I've a feeling that I have to focus more on some details and follow the guide. And every time I do this I get much better results. A mind free of random useless thoughts, Being in moment, Being in peace with myself and everybody/everything around me and sense of security and confidence.
It's an amazing experience. It's wonderful!

I find the meditation so good and so relaxing, and always feel great afterwards!

You can hear a sample of this meditation:   


Had a great session with her, she's very nice and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend her, she's very knowledgable and even gives guidance on how to deal with issues on your own. she really is gifted and does care about the people she's treating. I highly recommend!
Phillip J C

Dear lily, I had met lots of healers before, but I clearly feel your method is different. I felt completely relief just after the first session. Thanks
Bella G

Was just bad before use your service, working with you is easy. I feel more relaxed. I have a feeling that a large weight had been lifted from me. More freedom
Peter Wisdom